Grace Home Cakes



Now Available: Online Baking Classes Via skype. Call for further enquiry, Please call or whatsapp Grace 017-8892244
Sat 20th or Mon 22nd Oct9.30am- 12.30pm320/-

3 Types of Fruit Cakes:- Dundee Fruit Cake, Boiled Fruit Cake & Simple Fruit Cake.

Sun 21st or Tue 16th
9.30am- 12.30pm 



5 Types of Cookies:- Golden Butter Drops, Thumb Print, Chocolate Chip Nutty, Chocolate Chips Oats & Cashew nut Crisp Biscuits.

5 Types of Vegetarian Cookies:-Cherry Flower Cookies, Walnut Chocolate Chip, Almond Butter Crisp, Chocolate Butter Cookies, Smarties Cookies.

Sat 27th or Tue 30th Oct9.30am-12.30pm 180/-

3 Types of Vegetarian Cupcakes:- Children Cupcakes:- Flavours : Butter, Mocha Almond & Chocolate Chips. Designs: Pram, Umbrella & Booties.

Sun 28th or 29th Mon Oct 9.30am- 12.30pm250/-3 Types of Vegetarian Cakes:- Red Velvet with Cheese frosting, Upside down Chocolate Nutty Cake & Pecan Date Butter Cake ( You will never know the difference) 
Sun 25th or Mon 26th Nov9.30am- 12.30pm700/-BASIC 1. Baking & Decorating Course :- 2 egg Layered Cake with Glace & Royal Icing, Daffodil Cake in Book Shape, Orange Cake in Ball Shape, Chocolate Cake in Basket of Flowers & Oblong Shape & Marshmallows.( Free: Grace's Cake Decorating Book, Recipe Book, Apron & 5 Cake Photos. (3 Classes, Once a week

Wedding Cake:- Baking of Rich Sujee Fruit Cake, Marzipan,. Fondant Icing, Decorating with 10 various designs:- Table Cloth, Lace Work, Eyelet Embroidery, Embossing, Garret Frills etc. Decorating & assembling a Wedding Cake. (1 day course)  Free Recipes :- Med. Fruit Cake, Light Fruit Cake & Rich Sujee Cake.
 ( Light Lunch provided)

3 Types of Chocolate CakesLuscious Dark Chocolate Cake, Filipino Moist Chocolate Cake & Rich Moist Chocolate Cake with Fudge & Chocolate Toppings

Hands On Basic Baking Class:Coconut Butter Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake, Cherry Pineapple Cupcake & Chocolate Banana Muffin. Students get to measure & Bake Perfect Home Made Cakes. We teach the proper method of baking. All Ingredients provided.  Done from A-Z. Anyone Can Bake. ( No Baking Knowledge required)