Grace Home Cakes


Vegetarian Cakes (You'll Never Know The Difference)        

Day Course (3 Hours), 3 Types of Cakes, RM200.00


1.Sujee Cake, Orange Cake & Carrot Cake

2. Coconut Chocolate Cake, Canadian Chocolate Cake & Fruit Cake

3. Banana Cake, Fruit Cup cake & Marble Cake

4. Orange Lemon Cheese Cake (non-baked), Honey Date Cake & Dark Chocolate Cake (RM 250)


5. Almond Cake, Ginger and Date Cake & Lemon Poppy Seed Cake

6. Orange Cheese Cake,Chocolate Banana Cheese Cake & Creamy Sweet Corn Cheese Cake (RM 250)


7. Strawberry Cheese Cake,Pineapple Cheese Cake & Mango Cheese Cake ( RM 250)


8) Plain Sponge Cake & Chocolate Sponge, Fruit Cocktail Cake, Peach Cream Cheese Cake, 

    German Black Forest Cake (RM 280)